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o1. bye bye bye

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[30 Aug 2003|06:11pm]

hey nsynced members. there's going to be a change of pace around here and i'm hoping it won't be of any inconvenience tomorrow evening the community and all affiliated communities will have a new look and new rules. unfortunately some current members haven't been updated regularly or pimping the community which was all required. i suggest if you want to keep your role then hop on the stick otherwise someone who is eager and willing to take the role will be allowed to do so. please take this as a warming because we don't want to lose any of you. thank you. for more information check out our informative ad in rpg_ads @ blurty.com and rpgads @ caleida.com.

[15 Aug 2003|12:36am]
[ QUESTIONSconcerns. ]

if current members have a question, concern, and // idea feel free to drop a line here and you'll be answered shortly. although rude comments and // or insults will result in your removal of the community.
What's the deal with this POP life & when is it gonna fade out?!

[15 Aug 2003|12:22am]
[ THErules. ]


A :: first off you need to decide on what celebrity / person you want to portray.

B :: secondly you need to find a livejournal code and create a journal for your person. we apologize for the inconvience but livejournal codes will not be provided by the maintainers due to previous problems which occurred upon doing so. afterwards you need to do the required setting up such as : creating an aol instant messenger name, type your introductory entry in your journal, establish icons, and provide a link back to THIS journal.

C :: once you've completed the following you are required to come back here and apply for the role. please understand that we have the right to deny anyone membership. if you are unable to handle rejection then i suggest you find another role-play.

xx. CELEBRITY choice o1.
xx. CELEBRITY choice o2.
xx. LIVEJOURNAL username.
xx. AOL Instant messenger.
xx. OOC e-mail.
xx. ROLE-PLAY example.
xx. CAN you keep OOC and IC issues separate?</center>

D :: if accepted you will need to validate your membership by clicking the link provided in the e-mail sent to the address you registered your journal under.

E :: congratulations and welcome to nsynced. please understand that you have to update your role-play journal at LEAST twice a week. if you fail to do so, you will recieve one warning and removal will follow if you do not update and remain active thereafter.

F :: chats will be made quite often and you are expected to remain active through journal and aol instant messenger. last but not least, don't forget to take pride in your role-play and promote the community so that it will continue to grow.

6 What's the deal with this POP life & when is it gonna fade out?!

[15 Aug 2003|12:13am]
[ TAKENmembers. ]

o1. justin randall timberlake || memphis craka
o2. christopher kirkpatrick || xchristopherkx
o3. joshua chasez || selfish chasez
o4. alyssa jayne milano || miiano cookie
o5. christina maria aguilera || sxyxyfighter
o6. britney jean spears || miss b j spears
o7. trace ayala || Trace AyaIa (the "l" is an i)
o8. james lance bass || guh its lance
o9. wade robson || Wade tells all
1o. jamie lynn spears || like jamie lynn
11. ashton kutcher || a for ashton

What's the deal with this POP life & when is it gonna fade out?!

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